Trauma Wise

The importance of helping…

South Africa has over the years experienced high levels of violent crime. The resulting aftermath is a population who need immediate access to support. Although this places additional pressure on support services in communities, survivors are not always able to access help immediately post an incident. Effective Trauma Support provided to survivors on a scene may minimize the long-term effects of trauma.

Many South Africans, including Law Enforcement Personnel and Emergency Responders do not always understand or acknowledge the effect a traumatic situation can have on a person’s emotions, thinking, behaviour, beliefs and relationships. Understanding what traumatic stress is and how it effects a person will ensure support is offered in a non-threatening but encouraging manner.

Law Enforcement personnel need to be convinced that helping and supporting a victim in this manner may also improve their ability to investigate and respond to crime and thus increase successes.

Front line workers and law enforcement personnel can be trained efficiently and effectively whilst minimizing logistical challenges using the TRAUMA WISE awareness model.

There is no doubt that victims of crime and trauma need help, but the help provided should not cause further damage or harm. ” Above all else, cause no harm.”

How can we or others be “WISE” about help provided? The Trauma Wise Model provides a an easy to remember process for connecting with and supporting a victim.

Winning a persons Trust – Building trust and rapport

Informing a person (s) about the effects of trauma, but more importantly about processes, what will happen next or what services are available.

Supporting a person emotionally and practically.

Empowering a person – this seems so simple and also complex. Empowering a person involves giving a person choice and allowing them to make their own decisions.

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