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“I held the pain of a victim in my heart. Her voice, anxious and uncertain, echoed deep within my soul as she shared her story.” Her story, told over and over, would become her war cry as she fought back. Her story told in heartsobs and a heart throb revealed her confusion. Her story told as truth rebuilt who she was. She discovered her identity. She reconnected. She realised. Not a victim. Not a survivor. A woman who would thrive. She spoke up. She spoke out. The journey was not quick. it was a treacherous path she walked, but as she walked she discovered her strength. she discovered a power within. She rediscovered herself. She Survived. She Thrived.

As a Male, I cannot assume to know and even understand the depth of pain a survivor of GBV experiences. I may in a counselling session listen, feel and hear the pain and be affected by the pain of her story, but when the session ends, I leave as a man. I walk out the door unaware of the pain that women who experience GBV ( Gender Based Violence) or Intimate Partner Violence go through. The risk for women is greater, the fear is deeper. I cannot understand, but I can try. I can listen. I can add my voice to the voices of many who speak out against Gender Based Violence. I will be a voice for the voiceless.Together we will become a loud shout; a voice that will not be silenced.

– Philip Stoneman and the TSSA TEAM

                     STOP GBV


Today, 947 Radio  and the Dis-Chem Foundation added their voice in support of the work we do in supporting and empowering victims to become survivors and to thrive by donating R50 000 towards our organization!


Thank you Dis-Chem Foundation for your generosity

Wont you join the voice?


Become a #voice4theVoiceless – Stand up and be counted!

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