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Trauma Wise

An introduction to traumatic stress and trauma support practices.
( accredited for 15 CPD Points)

This course is aimed at organizations, lay counsellors and individuals needing a substantial understanding of the effects of trauma to provide better assistance to victims of violent crime and traumatic incidents.
 Introduction to traumatic stress.
 Trauma field in South Africa.
 Traumatic stress response.
 Definition of traumatic stress.
 Types of trauma & Types of victims
 4 Phases of traumatic stress.
 Post traumatic stress reaction.
 Post traumatic stress disorder.
 Acute stress disorder
 Supporting Victims of Trauma
 Trauma Support / Crisis intervention
 Introduction to Trauma lay counselling model

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Wendy McKillop · March 29, 2016 at 12:53 pm

When will you be doing an Advanced Trauma Course?

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