Our Vision

The story behind Trauma Support SA.

We have been in the Victim empowerment field for about 14 years and through this work have come across many South Africans affected by trauma.  The vision for a national Trauma Support Organization began whilst at a previous organization: the iThemba Rape and Trauma Support Centre.

During this period, we provided trauma support, counselling and therapeutic assistance, but most importantly iThemba had a medico-legal facility that conducted the sexual assault evidence collection examination of rape survivors whilst providing the necessary post-exposure prophylaxis and medication free of charge. The commitment and passion of the staff and volunteers contributed to providing assistance  to close on 3500 sexual assault cases, if not more.

Although a great success story in our area, we came across many areas & volunteers  in South Africa who were not trained, didn’t understand trauma fully or were overwhelmed by the sheer number of trauma victims and who felt disconnected and disempowered.

Thus Trauma Support SA was established in order  to work towards a vision of ensuring that all survivors of violence and trauma are able to access quality, research based Trauma Support Services provided by personnel who understand trauma.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Trauma Support SA:

  • To raise awareness about the effects of Traumatic Stress in all South African Communities
  • To ensure that all South Africans have access to Trauma Support Services and trauma counselling
  • To train, mentor and guide volunteers in the field of trauma support to provide effective Trauma Support Services
  • To build capacity in organizations in order to provide dedicated trauma support services

To ensure an effective implementation of these objectives we aim for effective mobilization of trauma support volunteers IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OTHER SERVICE DELIVERY ORGANIZATIONS through offering quality controlled, research based training, and development of trauma informed care, management and supervision of these trauma support volunteers

Our Objectives

Trauma Support SA, as a national organization works towards improving the link between psycho social trauma support services and victims of trauma by providing access to support, advice and referral through a national network of trauma service providers, with the following vision and objectives:

  • Research in the field of traumatic stress being readily made available to mental health professionals/ trauma support volunteers and workers in the victim empowerment field.
  • Dissemination of knowledge to front-line lay workers
  • Training lay-counsellors, mental health professionals and trainers.
  • Education and awareness campaigns in the general population
  • Advocacy to develop policy at all levels.

Our objectives are based on needs identified in the trauma support field:

  • Effective mobilization of trauma support volunteers
  • Effective supervision and mentoring
  • Effective training and management of trauma support volunteers
  • Capacity building & strategic development

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