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One of the greatest challenges police and emergency services members face nowadays is the effect of cumulative trauma building up over the years as they offer essential services to the community. When managed in the wrong way, the effects of cumulative trauma can have a devastating effect on personnel sometimes leading to personnel turning to alcohol, drugs or even taking their own life. The objective of “Be a Hero & Talk” is to meet with personnel at station level and present a short 5 minute video on PTSD and then spend an hour raising awareness and educating personnel as to these effects and encouraging them to go for regular counselling sessions.

Pay it forward


Development of community trauma support centres.

The need for community based trauma centres and well trained volunteers complemented by professional staff is desperately needed in many rural and urban communities, and Trauma Support Services South Africa has a vision to assist underdeveloped communities in setting up these centres and ensuring that they are sustainable over the long term. One such example is to assist the Boksburg North SAP in setting up a Victim Support Room.

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