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Survivors of violent crime or a traumatic incident need immediate access to effective trauma support that is research-based and led by good practice. Effective Trauma Support provided to survivors on a scene may then minimize the long-term effects of trauma.

Many South Africans, including Law Enforcement Personnel and Emergency Responders do not always understand or acknowledge the effect a traumatic situation can have on a person’s emotions, thinking, behaviour, beliefs and relationships. Understanding what traumatic stress is and how it effects a person will ensure support is offered in a non-threatening but encouraging manner.  Law Enforcement personnel need to be convinced that managing a victim in this manner may also improve their ability to investigate and respond to crime and thus increase successes.

Similarly, survivors need to be made aware of how a traumatic incident may affect them, where they can access help and what they can do to get better.

We assist with raising awareness through the medium of public talks and awareness sessions, training for front-line care workers, CPF members / First Responders and online awareness. Where we are able we will assist and refer victims to the nearest support organization or centre. Please contact us for further information.

– Philip Stoneman


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